Limousine Taxi Service offers you:

Luxury and comfort in all our categories


  • Our cars are in excellent condition, comfortable and always clean.
  • Book by sending us an email or call us.
  • Just tell us where you want to go, receive your answer confirmation e-mail and enjoy our services.
  • All reservations are confirmed within 24 hours.
  • Have us offer you a tour to Thessaloniki and Greece which will remain unforgettable to you. The White Tower, the Castles, the ancient Pella, Vergina, Edessa, Dion, mount Olympos, the Petralona Cave, the mount Athos, Meteora and the beautiful Halkidiki are some destinations that declare our civilization, our history and of course our Greek mythology!
    Τα αυτοκίνητά μας είναι πολύ προσεγμένα, άνετα και καθαρά.